Free Printable Thanksgiving Decorations

printable thanksgiving table setting Thanksgiving can be very stressful in terms of preparations.  There are endless dishes to cook and serve followed by endless dishes to wash and put away.  If you use traditional table linens you get the added bonus of preparing (oh the dreaded ironing!) and washing those as well.  This year, cut yourself a little slack, create a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting by using printables.  Then after the mean is done throw the mess away!  PackageTech has a nice fall theme printable place setting that will make your table look nice with little effort.  Even if you plan to use traditional linens, consider using the printable Thanksgiving placemats from HP for the kids.  With bright, colorful images and fun puzzles they are sure to keep the little ones entertained while they wait for their meals.

printable thanksgiving table decorations Nothing adds a little Thanksgiving ambience like some beautiful table decorations.  Hp has you covered there too with these editable menu votives.  They also have matching place cards and “Thankful for” book.  But, my favorite HP Thanksgiving printable (they sure had a lot of them!) was this printable Tree of Gratitude (you’ll have to scroll down.)  I think it would make a perfect, not so cheesy, holiday center piece.

printable thanksgiving turkey The Titan of Thanksgiving, Martha Stewart, also has some printable goodness for you to enjoy.  Her printable Thanksgiving favors feature adorable woodland squirrels, while her charming printable Thanksgiving candy bar wrappers make excellent place cards.  Speaking of place cards check out these great turkey place cards.  Her pie slice template is an awesome way to send home left over pie.  And if you still aren’t nauseated by all of her domestic divatude then maybe you’ll want check out these printable paper turkey center pieces.

printable thanksgiving FamilyFun is a family favorite when it comes to Thanksgiving printables.  They have a great collection of charming, well illustrated, printable Thanksgiving games, decorations, and crafts.  My favorite is this week before Thanksgiving planner, which is an awesome way to keep track of all the little chores that have to be done before the big feast.

printable thanksgiving turkey I adore this printable paper turkey toy from SS42 almost as much as I like this scrapbook turkey template from SPtimes.  It would make a great family craft project.  Epson also delivers this Thanksgiving with all these wonderful printable scrapbook presentations.  Just plug in your images and go.  Scatter them around the house so that family can reminisce about former feasts.

printable turkey decoration Of course, it’s not just your table or your home that needs to be decorated.  For millions of vegetarians out there Thanksgiving is is difficult enough to cope with without having to stare down the gullet of a boring Tofurky.  Don’t worry!  Comic Product has your back mavens of meatlessness.  The Tofurky disguise kit can be used to dress up your Tofurky, or if you are the loan turkey eater in house of ham hounds, give you a little “gooble-gobble” to gooble.  Even better!  Dress up those mash potatoes, that cake, or that horrible Jell-O concoction that no one wants to eat.


Free Printable Turkey Cut-Outs, Folder Games, and Activities

With Thanksgiving fast approaching many parents and teachers will be putting together lesson plans revolving around turkeys, pilgrims, cornucopias, etc. I wanted to put together something nice that would function as a craft, folder game, and decoration. Right Click and Save the images then print them from your graphics program.

Blank turkey cut outs with and without colored feathers. Good for crafts, folder games, or decorations.


Color matching folder game.
Number sorting folder game.


Site word matching folder game.
Assemble turkeys with white feathers, let child correspond colored feathers to white feathers.


Word family turkeys. Words ending in AD, IN, and IT Word family turkeys. Words ending in AT, AN, and AP


turkey folder game

Word family turkeys. Words ending in OG, OP,

Zip File of all Images


Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging without a link list of terrific turkey resources!

If you are a parent or educator looking for Thanksgiving themed lesson plan and resources you have to visit this awesome collection of Thanksgiving activities from ABCTeach. I really enjoy the lesson plans that they make available for free. For home school families their website is an invaluable resource.

You can’t say Turkey without the letter T. I love this First-School collection of preschool printables featuring the letter T and our favorite holiday bird.

I like this “Turkey Facts” page from Kidzone. There’s not a lot in the way of printables, but I do enjoy the bite size, easily digested turkey facts for kids.