Free Halloween Activities for the Classroom

Free items that you can use as classroom activities or to keep little hands busy while they wait for the big day. has some cute coloring pages with a vintage feel.  Of course when it comes to coloring pages you can just do a Google Image Search for “Halloween coloring pages” and find everything your heart could desire which is why rarely do coloring page posts. has the lock down on Halloween with games, dress up SIMs, craft ideas, make up tips and more.
I like having books on hand.  During Halloween the Halloween books at the library go POOF!  Here are some printable books you can use to supplement what you have at home along with some worksheets and activities.
Mrs. McGowan: Autumn Activities  (I’m listing this as a lesson plan resource)
Here is a cool printable Halloween Book Cover, just for kicks.  From U-Create.
Here are some great free finds I made on

Halloween Sounds: Samples from The Harry Horror ArtFarceProject

It’s Halloween Willis! by Jeff Elmassian and Kristine Puich

File Folder Fun has some file folder games that would work great for Halloween.

Spider File Folder Game for X 11

Monster Manners


Free Autism and Homeschooling Printables

I’m homeschooling this year so I’m going to be burning the printer up!  If you have any great resources to share then bring ’em on!  I’m going to need all the help I can get!

I found some good links I want to share for those who have special needs children or are struggling to get their children to understand key concepts.

A smaller, more portable, and easier to use incentive chart!

Kathryn Whitaker over at Practical Autism Resources has generously devoted time to creating a huge library of printables that can be used to teach academic concepts along with social skills, behaviors, and categorization. From here I found the behavior punch card which is an excellent tool for reinforcing good work and good behavior.  I’ll be using this bad boy to get some serious work done this school year!

Sites for Autistic Support teachers doesn’t produce their own printables but they have an awesome link list of great sites that have valuable tools and information.  For that alone they deserve a big YOU ARE AWESOMESAUCE salute!  Their printables section is full of great sites to visit.
Autism Hand in Hand has some good flash cards.
Can’t wait to use this!
SEN Teacher wins my heart with their emotion cards and their printable skeleton which is customizable.  My kid loves bones.  They also have face fans and some other great printables.  This is one site you HAVE to check out if you have a special needs child.   They also have great programs you can download like PictoSelector.  A great free resource for parents.
BTW, did I say it’s great?  I think I did.
ABA Resources has some printable picture reinforcers, token systems, and other resources that would be very useful to a parent using the ABA technique.
Wish I had this when I needed it!

Visual Aides for Learning rocks my socks with practical visual guides for situations like potty training and the all dreaded puberty.  They also have a printable that could be used to show a child what parts of the body are private or off limits to others.  The one on personal space will be useful this year as well as the one about private places.   I appreciate that these images are anatomically correct when appropriate.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about having a child with Autism is that the most straightforward answer, picture, or approach is always the best.  

Elearning.Autism.Net has printable visual aides including some nice ones for voice volume.  Plus there’s the awesome stop, wait, listen printable that my kid is about to get very, very sick of!  Looks like they have them in French too.


Worksheets for Children with Autism and other Special Needs

Blogger changed their interface while I wasn’t looking so now I’m not sure what I’m doing.  Anyway, if you have a special needs child check out Adaptive Worksheets.  I plan on using their stuff this year with my son (got to get some printer ink first).  Now, as you know I don’t promote pay sites, BUT they have free resources and I’ve had a good look at the subscription product and to be honest, compared to similar resources available from Linguis Systems and other companies that provide these types of educational materials…  what they are asking for yearly access to the site is a pittance.  Seriously. we’re talking dirt cheap.  A year subscription is the cost of just one specialized chart or book.  The owners are very sweet and even offered to make materials on a case by case basis.  You can’t beat that.

The behavioral charts alone are worth their weight in gold.  I was so impressed that I put their link in my main links section, and you know how rarely I do that.

Reader Contribution: FILE FOLDER FARM!!!!

Nia over at File Folder Farm creates visually impressive, wonderfully designed file folder games you can print at home.  She’s quite the talent!

Here’s a link to one of her games:  Home of School 
It helps children categorize what items are associated with which location.

And here’s a special gift that she made just for Free Printable Fun!!!!

Thank you Nia for taken the time to create resources for special children like my son!!!


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