Free Printable Christmas Advent Calendar

This year I think I’m going to have an advent calendar for my son.  I tried it once before with a store bought one filled with chocolate and the whole thing was torn to shreds and the chocolate extracted in the middle of the night.  He’s older now, so I think he can understand the point of it a little better.  Plus he’s way more picky about the type of candy he eats now.  I’m going to make the printable advent calendar from Minimega  so that I can wrap up tiny tops for Daaks (he’s obsessed with tops).


Free Printable Christmas Wrapping or Scrapbook Paper : IMG HEAVY

I’m going to be posting a few Christmas printables that call for scrapbook paper or printed scrapbook papers.  To save you some Christmas cash I’ve made some papers for you to use and have links to other sites with Christmas papers on them.

Pre-K has a few cute printable Christmas wrapping papers.

Printable Gift Wrap at 
Activity Village UK has lots of pretty printable Christmas Scrapbook Papers
Wonderful Christmas Scrapbook Papers from Alethiologie

And now.  Here are papers that I made today.  No, they aren’t great, but they will work for many of the projects and printables that I’m going to post.  They are international size, but don’t worry most printers make it a snap to re-size them to paper you use.  If you get really stuck grab a copy of Picasa and use it to manage and print your images (it’s super easy).  Click and save the images.