Free Printable Checkbook For Kids

Google says that some folks have landed on my site in search of free printable checkbooks or checks for kids or printable checkbook activities for highschoolers. I did a quick google search and didn’t see any nice printable checks for kids that didn’t require a membership to a website. Most that I did find were very stripped down and didn’t have traditional check features like account and routing numbers. I didn’t find any printable deposit slips, and I can remember when I was young thinking that the deposit slip was the hardest part of the banking experience.

So, I’ve made you some. You can download printable checks for kids in word format or you can download printable checks for kids in PDF format. The PDF format has lower resolution.

The print out contains the following items: 5 checks, 1 deposit slip, and a few register sheets. Remind your kids to record their debit card transactions too!

EDITED!!! 10/2/09

A lot of teachers have been asking for blank checks so that they can change the names and addresses for thier students. This word file contains five checks with text fields that you can edit , one deposit slip with editable text field, and three check register sheets. DOWNLOAD. It’s two pages and prints in color. Each student should have their own set. Use construction paper to make a checkbook cover.


Free Printable Checkbook Register

printable check register
I was looking online for a printable checkbook register… one that didn’t involve a word or excel file, was free, and printed up small enough to fit in the back of my check book.

I couldn’t find one. So I made one.

Click to enlarge. Right click, save to file.
Print. Cut through the solid gray line. Staple together. Enjoy.

Want to download it instead? Have at.

Edited: April 20, 2009: A user by the name of Ms Lyn contributed this version of a checkbook register for download. It’s in .docx format. It isn’t as blurry as my register (it looks really nice) but it won’t fit in the back of a check book.