Printable Doctor Who Stationery and Activities

There is such phenomenal lack of Doctor Who printables. It’s so sad. I do what I can with my very limited talent, but aside from kidnapping a BBC concept board illustrator there’s not much I can do to change the situation. So, I do what I can. I made some stationary and a couple message pads. I like to stay with the Tardis/Dalek theme because they are universal through the Doctor’s various lives. Click to enlarge the image. Right click and save the images. Use your computer graphics program to print them out, otherwise the sizes go all wonky. Oh, and here are four message pads arranged for easy printing in a word file. Download.

Dalek PrintableTardis Printable

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Printable

Found Online:

You can find all sorts of fun Doctor Who goodies on Includings some awesome printable Doctor Who paper toys. And here’s a paper toy Tardis from
How much do I love this paper doll version of the ninth Doctor from Kynaii at DeviantArt? Too much. Seriously, I might have issues.

The BBC has some awesome Doctor Who coloring pages. I just whish they had MORE printable goodies for their fans across the pond. You hear that BBC? It’s hard to get Doctor Who merc out here! At least give us some good printables!

Oh yeah, the “TARDIS” and “Daleks” as well as “Doctor Who” are all owned by the BBC, yadda, yadda, this is fan art, not for resale, yadda, yadda, blah blah blah.


Free Printable Doctor Who Stencils

Oh no! Another internet deficency in the world of free printables. This time it’s free printable stencils. I’ve looked the world wide web over to find free printable stencils to meet my evergrowing Doctor Who needs to no avail. So I’ve created a few free printable stencils for you to use. Ok, these stencils don’t look all that great. They really don’t. I’ll admit that printable stencil making is not exactly my greatest skill. But, they will provide a decent outline for you to work with. Remember you are cutting OUT the black parts then putting the white parts back in. On the Tardis, for example, you’d cut out the box, and the windows then position the windows back where they belong before stenciling.

You can right click and save these smaller images. For larger ones download the PDF.

While I was looking for free printable stencils I did find a few good sites to share.
Buckingham stencils offers a new free printable stencil every month. The selection is not large, but the printable stencils are detailed and included excellent instructions on how to use multiple layered printable stencils. has a section devoted to free printable stencils. The stencils themselves aren’t what I would call spectacular and the format uses doesn’t lend itself well to organizing and distributing free printables, BUT there is a lot of variety and variety is the spice of life. These printable stencils are in image formats and can be easily resized. Most of them are one layer printable stencils.

MFGraffix has great instructions for cutting and using printable stencils. There are a lot of aspects to stenciling that the newbie may not have considered so this is an excellent read.

Free Stenciling Patterns has a small collection of printable stencils. I like that their stencils are shown in color because it gives a better idea of how shading techniques change the appearance of a stenciled image.